Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Healthy clean skincare

I've been slowly creating a healthy happy environment. I have loved skincare and makeup since I was a young one. But only recently have I started paying attention to the ingredients. I have exceedingly finicky skin--eczema and acne on my face. My arms are all chicken-y skin appearing, also known as keratosis pilaris. 
More annoying than any of this, I have dermatographia. This means any little scratch on my skin leaves a bright red mark. Itchy nose leaves me with a Rudolph nose, or if I rub my itchy allergy eyes, I look like I've been punched. See, here I just ran my nails on my forearm:

So it's no wonder I am really careful with skincare. I'm not so sure where I first heard about May Lindstrom Skincare but it sounded lovely--natural and handmade by a woman who has lived with sensitive skin herself. and the packaging! I was immediately taken. 

 Her cleanser, The Clean Dirt, is amazing. It's a dry clay based cleaner--you mix in your own water to make a paste. I like to keep it on while I shower to get a nice deep clean. It smells warm and inviting, and my skin is so happy with it. ingredients include: marshmallow root, calendula flower, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, turmeric, ginger, vanilla, and cacao
Lately I've been using the Blue Cocoon frequently at night. My allergies have been acting up and my nose is irritated, red, blotchy and peeling. This calming balm has relieved and brought balance once again to my skin. ingredients include: camellia seed oil, marula oil, blue tansy oil, geranium
And lastly, May is amazingly sweet. I have emailed her with lots of skin questions, and all her products come lovingly packaged with a sweet note:

Yes, it's pricey. But these items have lasted me a while (no fillers and so I use less of it!) and I love to see an ingredient list of items I can pronounce!

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